Konnection offers Level 4 (Database & Web) Automation

Levels of Automation

Levels of automation run from Level 0 (Hardwired Control) to Level 4 (Database & Web). Konnection's programming team focuses on Level 4 Automation. 

What are the levels? 

Level 4 - Web & Database Enabled

Level 3 - PC Based

Level 2 - Touch Screens

Level 1 - Mimic Panels

Level 0 - Hardwired Controls

Is Level 4 Right for You?

If your goals include any of the following, then Level 4 Automation may be right for you.

Increase Equipment Utilization

Would you like for your system to work like your most experienced operator? Your system is programmed to react and adjust to higher levels of utilization more quickly so you can maximize throughput of grain while being assured that you won’t overload your equipment — as if your best operator were sitting at the terminal.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Your best operators are proficient at setting or clearing paths to the appropriate commodity in the proper order, and with the correct timing. With Level 4 automation, even an inexperienced operator can select the destination and source path while the system turns on the equipment in the proper order, reducing the risk of contamination of bins and operator errors.

Decrease Equipment Failure and Overload Risk

As we all know, preventive maintenance is key to avoiding equipment failure. Level 4 helps you keep all of the information up-to-date and alarms you when specific activities are not properly performed.

Even with the best preventive maintenance plan and activities in place, equipment still fails. With Level 4, you can review the data logs and trends of your sensing devices that are connected to your equipment, allowing you to make replacement decisions before a complete failure occurs.

A minute-by-minute account of path usage, operator actions, events, alarms, amps, equipment faults, equipment status, hazard monitoring, temperature, etc. is logged and tracked. This information can be used to provide insight into a failure, troubleshoot a recurring problem, recognize if an operator requires training, and more. 

Interface with Other Business and System Software

Level 4’s power is in the open database architecture. This means data can flow into or from other critical systems, such as grain management systems for bin and commodity information, camera screens, level monitoring systems, and hazard monitoring systems, etc.

Hazard monitoring, grain temperature and level monitoring systems are all great applications that you may already have in place. We can pull information from these systems so you may access the data more easily or use it to interact with your automation system.

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