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Utility Management System Decreases Energy Costs

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What if you could decrease your monthly utility bill? Will that improve your bottom line?  

To reduce utility costs, detailed data about energy usage will allow you to change the behaviors that cause higher utility bills without affecting quality. Based on this energy usage data,  the facility or plant is controlled to achieve a desired goal. The goal can include optimizing systems for energy efficiency, load balancing, aligning operations or production with electricity pricing schedules, etc.

What is Power Factor?

Power factor (PF) is a measurement between -1 and 1.0 (usually given as a percentage, with 100 percent or 1.0 being the maximum). If your facility's power factor is below a certain level, typically 95 or 96 percent, your utility company may charge a reactive power fee. This is because a low power factor represents an inefficient load source that is drawing reactive (non-working) power that the utility has to make up. If your facility can maintain a power factor that stays within a certain level, you may be able to reduce your utility costs. Most utility companies will provide informaton on the methods they use to calculate your utility bill. 

How can I Reduce my Utility Bill?

Your facility will reduce your utility bill by monitoring the equipment that is running and their effect on your utility usage. You may affect your utility bill by scheduling the equipment to run at a different time, changing the start-up procedure, or identifying equipment that is not running properly, Konnection's Utility Management System analyzes the power factor in real time and warns you when the power factor drops below your setpoint.

Using this information, you can see what equipment is running by looking at the amp chart. The amp chart is located directly below the demand chart. You can review which pieces of equipment are running, causing the peak to increase and determine if you can shut down any of the running equipment.

In some cases, equipment may be drawing more amps than it should be. Frequently, this happens before the failure of the equipment. 

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Billing Estimation Uses Real-time Data

The billing estimation tool provides a way to review your utility usage cost as you proceed through the month.

One grain elevator was able to reduce their energy bill significantly by changing the way they power on their equipment. By automating and starting up the equipment at a staged interval instead of all at once, they were able to reduce their energy usage.



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